Topic 6 Different ways in sharing resources with others (e-mails, online platforms, websites/ blogs etc..) and benefits

The possibilities of choosing different technologies to store and present resources with others are overwhelming. As a teacher it is probably not enough with just one technology – for example e-mail but using too many often fosters confusion and inefficiency.  

A mail one-to-one or a mailing list can be a quick and effective way to share resources with colleagues or learners. The mail could consist of attached files or of a list of links to resources. Mails have also disadvantaged such as information overload, version control and lack of common storage.

Most colleges have an online platform where teachers can share resources with learners or with each others. Many of these online platforms are so called Learning Management Systems and have inherent digital pedagogically tools and resources – and may be linked up to other systems (administrative).

Some online platforms have a strict structure and are managed centrally rather tight. Other platforms are mostly managed by the users and can be more chaotic.

Most platforms gives you the possibility to share at different levels; one-to-one, to a class, to a team, a department or the whole college. When sharing and co creating with others it is important to remember to keep a strong organizing, version control and name giving.  

As a teacher you can also share resources by creating a website or a blog. A website is more static and a blog more dynamic.

When you first have created a website, you can link to it or to some sections of it. If your college don’t have systems that gives you the possibility to create websites there are a lot of free services online with guides and templates. See list and test off 10 here:

Some of the listed websites also contains blog-function. With a blog you can post short messages or articles of different topics. You can manage how much interaction you want from others on your blog from no interaction at all to full rights to others. An often-seen inappropriateness when using blogs is setting dates on your posts and not posting frequently. It is not motivating when last post is one year old. Easy fix is to remove dates.

A derivate from blogs are vlogs – video blogs where the media is solely video. This can be as a sort of diaries or theme article. Most known service to provide vlogs is a YouTube Chanel.  

Put down some keywords on when, what and to whom you would choose to share resources by:

  • Mail or mail list
  • Online platform
  • Website
  • Blog
  • Vlog

Reason you choice …

We investigated most commonly used technologies to share: mail, online platform website, blog and vlog.

We looked into both advantages and disadvantage in using mails as fast but also information overload risk. Online platform often gives possibilities to share at different levels. Websites are static and blogs more dynamic. Vlogs uses videos as media for diaries or articles.