Topic 4 Basic digital devices and resources used for the enhancement of training interventions

Digital devices used in e-learning could be divided in three groups:

1) Learning Management System

2) Softwares

3) Applications

There are plenty of digital resources, according to MERLOT platform


( there are 22 different types of resources. We are going to focus our attention on:

1) Simulation

2) Animation

3) Quiz

4) Collection

5) Presentation

Digital Devices

1) Learning Management System definition:

  • Learning Management System is a platform for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs. The learning management system concept emerged directly from e-Learning.


Digital Devices

2) Private Softwares:

  • It’s a software which you need to buy the software license to using it

3) Applications:

  • Mobile phone apps are in constant growing. They not only changed our lifestyles,but also made important innovation in education. Thanks to their practicality and cost-effectiveness they become essential.

Digital Resources

1) Simulation: Approximates a real or virtual experience in which users’ actions affect the outcomes of tasks they have to complete. Learners determine and input initial conditions that generate output that is different from and changed by the initial conditions.

2) Animation: Visually and dynamically presents concepts, models, processes, and/or phenomena in space or time. Users can control their pace and movement through the material typically, but they cannot determine and/or influence the initial conditions or their outcomes/results.

3) Quiz: Any assessment device intended to evaluate the knowledge and/or skills of learners

4) Presentation: Teaching materials (text and multimedia) used present curriculum and concepts.

5) Collection: A meaningful organization of learning resources such as web sites, documents, apps, etc. that provides users an easier way to discover the materials.

For more information about digital learning resources and e-learning in general visit the Merlot site, an international community of educators, learners and researchers with more than 90 thousand learning resources, all peer reviewed by its almost 200 thousand members.

– Write down a list of digital resources that you usually choose during teaching.

– Which digital resources presented previously would like to use in your activities?

As an adult educator you should reflect on:

– How effective are the digital resources do I use? How do I choose them?

– Which resources are more effective for that particular activity?

– How could I combine resources to obtain a mix between interactivity and


What are your favourit e-learning devices and resources?

Write them down and then discuss them with your colleagues. Share best practices.

Discover new methods to combine them and make examples to visualise the

situations you could may face during teaching.

This topic was an introduction to digital devices and resources used for the enhancement of training interventions. The digital devices that we use in e-learning are generally well-know.

Our goal as educator is to become more aware of what those devices could dp and to stay update. The resources that we could use through these devices are plenty, and depending on the context you are using them, you could mix them, choose one instead of an another.

Our suggestion is to discuss with your colleagues to have a wider view on the use of digital resources, sharing best practice, experiences and examples. Another suggestion is to try different resources in different contexts, take note of the outcomes, and try to improve, more and more.