Topic 4 Activities that develop Self-Regulated Learning

Develop Self Regulating Skills is possible, both as a learner and as an educator. Digital technologies can be very useful, specially when Distance Teaching is required.

You can choose the activities and platforms you consider more appropriate!

Pre-phase: Student task comprehension

  • Access materials
  • Read and summarize
  • Organise information
  • Seek clarification
  • Set personal goal

Second and third phase: Student monitoring/evaluating

  • State learning goals
  • Determine personal progress toward goals
  • Clarify requirements
  • Reconsider approach
  • Revise timelines

First phase: Student planning/strategizing

  • Manage and monitor time
  • Regulate effort and stress
  • Seek help, as necessary
  • Access learning resources and support materials
  • Select and utilize tools

Pre-phase: Task comprehension tools

  • Electronic resources including web-based text, video, audio and images
  • Tools for communicating with teacher and peers

First phase: Planning/strategizing tools

  • Calendaring applications
  • Peer collaboration tools such as discussions and wiki Links and help features
  • Online training and tutorials
  • Communicating tools

Second and Third phase: Monitoring/evaluating tools

  • Grades and marks apps
  • Tracking and progress tools
  • Online quizzes and tests Reminder/listing apps
  • Tools for teacher and peer assessment

Johnson and Davies (2014)

Think about it…

Did you know any from the digital learning tools you have seen in this Topic?

Have you ever used one?


Can you think about other activities that can be useful in SRL?

Can you make an example of digital educational tools for the task of “Calendaring” and “Time management”?

You are a teacher in High School and your country is currently in lockdown. You have to implement the lesson through distance teaching. You notice that your students are distracted, they spend their time using the phone and they have hard time in meeting deadlines.

What could you do to make the lesson more interactive?

Key Concepts

Self-regulated learning:  cyclical process wherein the student plans for a task, monitors the performance, and then reflects on the outcome.

Digital Learning Environment:  areas in which the learner can use new technology to assist them in learning new information and skills.

Blended Learning: approach to education that combines online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online with traditional place-based classroom methods.

This topic was focused on the activities that could help to develop and improve the Self-regulated learning. Characteristics and basic elements of the different phases for the development of self-regulated learning were mentioned and analysed.