Topic 3 Introduction to digital technologies that enhance one’s planning of his/her own learning

How can digital technologies shape Education in Self Regulated Learning?

Self Regulated Learning is promoted by teachers who provide instruction architecture that encourages students to ensure that the task is fully understood, select and execute effective plans and strategies and monitor personal progress towards task completion. Such instructional architecture is more readily applied in digital, as opposed to traditional, learning environment.

All the speakers agreed and participants agreed on this point: as COVID-19 crisis has forces adult educators in Europe and all over the globe to shift online, it has definitely changed the rules of play. And now there is no way back: […] education of the future will be blended.

Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe Community Conference 2020 Report

DLEs are areas in which the learner can use new technology to assist them in learning new information and skills.

  • No limits of time and space
  • Interactions (feedbacks)
  • Can use different media types

About Digital Education

English as a foreign language (EFL)

  • English is globally known as the language of communication for being widely used in the world
  • All the main digital educational platform are in english


      → We need to foster and enhance the teaching of this language

Digitization of educational tools

  • In DLEs, these tools are compulsory and have a cost that not everyone can afford
  • DLEs tools rely on power and internet connection
  • Not everyone is competent with technology


      → Policies are needed in favor of inclusion of all students within digital tools and competencies

Can you give an example of eventual cons or disadvantages about DLEs?

(need of internet/power connection/devices)


Think about any digital platform you have used once at least in your experience.


Can you make an example of how DLEs could help in Self Regulated Learning?

This topic gave a brief overview and an introduction to the digital technologies that can enhance one’s planning of his/her learning, describing the implementation of the Self regulated learning in Digital Learning Environments.