Topic 2 Professional Training and educational sources

This topic will introduce learners to possible sources to further develop their professional competences (national institutions offering courses etc.) and support learners in identifying the requirements for appropriate online courses to further develop their skills.


Fastweb Digital Academy – 

Eduopen Platform –

Lacerba –

DeA Scuola –

CNA Umbria –

Life Learning –

Digital World Foundation (FMD) –


Extreme Training –

Edu Apps –

CursuriDigitale –

Spain: –

Ministry of Economic Transformation, Industry and Universities of the Andalusian Government –

Guadalinfo –

Centre for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship La Noria –

Empresa Digital for Digital Evaluation of Companies –


Technology Institute –


ProLearning –


Mathesis –

Coursity –

opencourses –

National Digital Academy –

Kallipos –

Hellenic Adult Education Association –

eSOS –


FutureLearn –

European Schoolnet –

Digital Skills Global –

This topic named multiple reliable sources of continuous professional development, not only for digital competences, but also in general. Knowing of such learning opportunities allows for further education and acquirement of knowledge in the future and being able to keep up-to-date with digital information and communication.