Topic 2 How to modify and / or edit existing digital resources to fit a given learning situation and target group

When you modify digital resources to fit a learning situation and target group you first have to do a pedagogically evaluation of both the situation and the group. Then you can do the editing. Here we will see how you can use basic tools to edit existing text, photo, video and even compile the different file type into one.

  • Text
  • Photo
  • Video
  • Compile


When you research a new topic and want to present it to your learners you might visit a lot of webpages and find relevant text bites. You can mark these, copy them and paste them into a Word document. A nice feature here is the shortcut Windows bottom + V. This will give you access to all the things you have copied.

When you find a pdf file and wants to editing you need to convert it. It sounds complicated but Word have an inherent function that can do this easy: Open Word, in File select Open, find your pdf and select it. The conversion makes a few minutes and are often not perfect but for text editing it works


Photo editing can be done with professional – and complicated application but surprisingly many basic editing function can be done in Word. Here you can:

  • Change the brightness, contrast, or sharpness of a picture
  • Change the color of a picture
  • Crop a picture
  • Reduce the file size of a picture
  • Select many frames
  • Arrange the placement relative to the text


When you want to edit a video but don’t want to use big and dedicated applications for this, you can do basic video editing two ways:

Online – search for online video editing. Vimeo has easy to use editor

Windows – find your video in your archive and right click on it. Choose Open with and select Pictures. Here you have different types of editing tools such as trimming and titles.


If you want to present – or make your learners present virus media types in the same file you can use a presentation application like PowerPoint or alternatives as mentioned before.

In PowerPoint (or Prezi) you can insert text, audio, photos and video. When shown in presentation mode the different media types will play automatically or by the way you have chosen.

A presentation in PowerPoint can even be recorded and saved as a movie (MP4)

We had a short intro to how you can use basic tools to edit existing text, photo, video and even compile the different file type into one. We saw on text , photo, video and how you can compile different file types into one.