Topic 2 Evaluation of Tools

The participants learn how to properly evaluate their use of digital tools and the tools themselves. Are they using the correct digital means for their purpose or would other digital technologies work better? Learners will learn to identify the reason behind the failing or successful use of the digital technologies.

This topic will be conducted through interactive communication activities in groups to further highlight the learning topics of the unit.

The Right Communication

Materials: 4 devices with video call function (Skype/Zoom/WhatsApp), information sheets

The trainer chooses 4 participants. 3 of them are asked to leave the room and separate into different locations. The other person who stayed with the rest of the group, gets a sheet of information and they have to communicate the important information to the other 3 participants. After the call the participants are asked to come back and summarize the information they got from the call.

The participants are asked to evaluate their experience with the video calls and identify possible problems and differences.

The activity can be repeated up to three times.

The trainer should try to choose participants who have shown a different communication style (e.g. slower communication, fast speakers, etc.) to highlight differences between the sender and recipients of information.

The trainer should motivate participants to think about:

  • Things that went well
  • Struggles in communication and understanding
  • Differences and similarities of understanding between the 3 recipients
  • Evaluation and possible improvement of the communication style of the sender

This topic introduced proper evaluation of digital tools and the importance of choosing the right tools for communication. This topic combined learning goals from previous topics and addressed the practical implementation of the learning goals and showed practical examples of (in-)effective digital communication.