A 5-day joint staff training session for members of project organizations takes place in the lead partner’s headquarters.
The main objective of the learning activity is to share the project’s experience, methodology and provide input for the testing and finalization phases of all project outputs.
The aims of the learning activity are as follows:
1. to learn/train adult trainers to work with the project’s Learning Environment and Tools prepared under the intellectual output O1, O2;
2. to evaluate the quality and content of the training material (O1, O2) and provide feedback for improvement, along with suggestions for adaption and policy drafting at EU and national level.
The joint staff training event allows also a more in-depth exchange of views among partners on the training content in order to make the final fine tuning before its launch. The methodology of the Online Learning Environment and its Tools combines authentic learning, peer support, digital literacy, use of IT tools and study visits.
Training content features among others: scientific knowledge, contemporary innovative pedagogies with the use of digital tools, deployment of the project implementation experience, skills assessment, recognition and validation tools and procedures, tailored coaching/counseling methodologies, tools to boost self-efficacy and motivation, orientation techniques, especially in the field of the online learning and skills development. Each partner will be represented by 2 related staff which can have experience in training design, development and provision, policy drafting, assessment, accreditation, recognition and validation of skills.